Choosing the Right Surgical Equipment

Some medical equipment from different manufacturers seem to offer similar solutions, often, the economic go-to conclusion is that the cheapest product will also be the most worthwhile to purchase.


  • Choosing the right equipment is immediately felt by both, patients and staff when low-quality surgical instruments are used.
  • Furthermore, the surgical procedure may certainly be affected by the quality of the instruments used by the surgeons.
  • Delivery time also plays a role in the considerations of medical institutions – when the desired policy leads to saving a lot of time for the medical teams and suffering patients.

Healthcare and medical institutions consider additional features such as functionality, precision, sterilization standards, weight, finished quality, longevity, and other factors.
All of these are important for high stability and minimal maintenance.

In other words, when it comes to procedure quality and the patient satisfaction, as well as that of medical teams a low price does not always indicate the best purchase.

D.BLUM – Quality Surgical Instruments Manufacturers

Leading the Israeli field of medical equipment, importing and marketing, Enterprise Ltd. supplies private clinics, government hospitals, medical institutions, and surgeons throughout Israel with surgical instruments by our own brand – D.BLUM – along with instruments from other international brands.
Enterprise sell in over 15 years hundreds of thousands instruments to the Israeli Market and abroad.
We are working with the leading OEM manufacturers in Germany and keeping an inventory of thousands instruments in uncompromised quality standards for the benefit of our customers.
We trust our devoted and professional team.

With all Enterprise’s brands you can rest assured that each instrument designed based on a deep understanding of the requirements of users and patients, as well as compliance with all the required quality standards.

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